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Become unforgettable
with the Chefs' Scale

Join your
in their kitchen

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A business card worthy of a chef

Forget the classic business card on a piece of laminated cardboard: leave your mark on a kitchen tool that your customers will actually use! With each measurement, with each recipe, they will think of you when they will see your name on their scales.

There's no better way
to leave them with a memorable souvenir!


For Chefs
from all sectors

Ustensiles de cuisine

Are you a professional
giving cooking lessons?

Offer the Chefs' Scale to your students so they will never forget your classes when they are in the kitchen!


Food blogger or influencer?

The Chefs' Scale is an ideal by-product for your readers and subscribers : offer them a quality kitchen utensil with your name and logo !


Is cooking more
of a hobby for you?

Treat yourself to a scale that reflects your image!

Whether you are a professional or private chef, blogger, or influencer,
the Chefs' Scale is made for you.

  • Jean Michel Perruchon

    adopted it

    Jean Michel Perruchon,
    Chef pâtissier à Paris

  • Mercotte

    adopted it

    La cuisine de Mercotte,
    Blogueuse culinaire

  • thierry-mulhaupt

    adopted it

    Thierry Mulhaupt,
    Pâtissier à Colmar

  • alain-chartier

    adopted it

    Alain Chartier
    Glacier, Chocolatier, Pâtissier, Morbihan

  • frederic-cassel

    adopted it

    Frédéric cassel,
    Pâtissier Fontainebleau

  • frederic-lorraschi

    adopted it

    Frédéric Lorraschi,
    Pâtissier USA

Engrave your name on it and make it unique

Your name and logo are engraved with great precision on the Balance* in our workshops. We then hand-apply a silver or gold pigment of your choice: your brand name then shines brightly against the intense black of the Scale, which is impossible to miss.

* Fully customisable from 20 units.

A scale
worthy of wearing
your colors

The Chef's Scale is not just any scale. We've selected our best precision kitchen scale to proudly carry your brand. It has a deep black tray designed to make your name stand out with intensity and elegance.

With a capacity of up to 5kg, accurate graduation to the nearest gram, a durable stainless steel pan that's easy to clean, and an LCD display, it's a great partner for baking or any other kitchen recipe.

Put your brand on a scale that deserves it and that your customers will be thrilled to use! Flèche


Boites des balances

A jewel case
with your image

The Chef's Scale is delivered in a case that is made in France and that reflects your image. We attach a lot of importance in the Eco-Conception by privileging the recyclable materials.

As a gift or for selling: the choice is yours

If the Chefs' Scale is the ideal gift to create a lasting impression, it also has its place in your shop. Delivered in an aesthetic, qualitative, and personalized box, the Scale will not disappoint your customers when they receive it... To the contrary!

It will impress your customers even before they open their present...



A 100% Made in France scale

La Balance des Chefs is a product of Timber Productions, a French company near Fontainebleau, in Seine et Marne. Passionate about our profession and with 25 years of experience, we are constantly innovating to offer you the best scales on the market.

  • For professionals in all fields

    Michel Herrscher, Charcutier traiteur à Colmar

  • For professionals in all fields

    Prosper Montagné

  • For professionals in all fields

    Timber Productions

  • For professionals in all fields

    AI Concept

  • For professionals in all fields


  • For professionals in all fields

    Cycles Lekeuss


The Chefs' Scale is our latest project carried out with in our workshops.

A scale at the height of the greatest chefs,
elegant and unique, just for you.

Order your Balance now and become an unforgettable chef!

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